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Civil Rights Movement and Its Impact on African Americans

The Civil Right Movement refers to the revolutionary and reformatory movement in the US purported to remove racial discrimination against black Americans and instituting suffrage in the South. The Civil Right Movement is a defining chapter in the US history because it earned the black Americans an equal right of citizenship as whites. It also brought about a significant change in the social and economic structure of the US, contributing to the passing of Civil Right Bill in 1964 and the Voting Right a year after.

Reflective Essay

I, along with four other students, comprised a group whose primary duties were to provide consultation for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) of our university. The primary question was to determine whether or not it was feasible for the university to offer qualifications in management and leadership, as well as how much this qualification was in demand. My experience with the client consultancy project saw my group of five students come together successfully as a team in order to achieve these goals.

Investor Behavior

Stock market refers to a market for buying and selling stocks. People show interest in stocks mainly due to three reasons - long term growth opportunity for capital, dividends and an ensured hedge against the reduction of purchasing power owing to inflation. Another feature making the stock market a lucrative investment option for many is its liquidity. Majority of the people invest in stocks with the desire to accrue a benefit upon the payment of dividends and increase of stock price.

Social Event: State Fair

For the purposes of this sociological assignment, I attended the Illinois State Fair. This is an annual event in which thousands of people from around the central Illinois area gather to participate in fun rides, concerts, and meet other people from all over the state. The event was an open-air event at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, and lasted the entire weekend; the entire fairgrounds was occupied by food stands, carnival games, large carnival rides, musical venues and more, all designed to create a huge spectacle experience for a large number of people. There was also a pavilion where local art could be judged and sold, as well as a farmer's market where local growers and distributors could sell their wares.

All About Stuttering

Stuttering is a speech disorder that is common in young children. It is also called stammering, which makes some children repeat words or parts of the word. For instance, stutterers often repeat the letter W, such as in "W-w-w-wel-come" and the letter S, "S-s-s-eee you s-s-s-soon!" when they talk. It usually goes away on its own, while in some cases, could last into adulthood. Based on studies, boys are more likely to stutter than girls (Stuttering).

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