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2. Make a payment

  • Various payment options available: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover
  • Payment is processed by our secure payment system
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3. Order in progress

  • Upload additional documents
  • Talk to Customer Support Representatives / Your Academic
  • Your order will be completed before the specified delivery date
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4. Download your project

  • Review the final version
  • Approve or Send for a free alteration if you require any changes to be made

1. Order form

When will my order be ready for download?

Our Academics will finish writing your project before the specified delivery date. Please note that the delivery date agreed at the time of placing your order is for the first draft, and that a new delivery date will need to be arranged if you would like to make alterations to this. The countdown to the delivery date begins as soon as you have made your payment, so please note that any delays in payment will also result in delays in delivery.

Can I pay you after I download the project?

Our services are prepaid, and our Academics will be provided with the specifications for your work only after payment is received. If you have any doubts about the quality of our work.

Is my personal data safe?

We guarantee to keep your personal information secure, and to never disclose it to third parties. Additionally, your transaction details are securely processed by our online payment system, meaning that your payment information will be kept private at all time.

Filling out the order form

When you place an order at Essaypedia.com for the first time, your personal Essaypedia.com account will be created. Once you fill out the form, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.

Be sure to enter your discount code if you have one. Please remember that discounts cannot be added after the order is paid.

2. Provide the payment

What is included in the price?

The cost of your order covers FREE title and reference pages, as well as the formatting of your choice.

Why do I need to authorize my account?

Authorization is a security measure that ensures only authorized payments on Essaypedia.com. Authorizing your account enables us to see that the cardholder is aware of all transactions made on our website. Authorization is essential to ensure security.

What are my discount options?

We have a range of offers available that clients can benefit from at any given time. For our latest offers, please visit this page.

  • Our company works with a range of card providers, including: Discover, AmEx, Visa, and Mastercard.
  • Payments are processed through our secure payment system.

3. Order in progress

Who will write my project?

We select our Academics carefully from a pool of talented and well-qualified candidates. We receive applications every single day from Academics of all levels, but only accept those whose work ethic and standards meet with our own exceptionally high requirements. Even then, these Academics must undergo telephone interview stages and complete a range of Test Assignments to an agreed upon standard, prior to being assigned their first brief. If Academics cannot meet our expectations in terms of referencing, writing style, and flair, we do not invite them to become a part of our company.

Once Academics become members of our team, they remain subject to strict Quality Control regulations, and their work is entirely checked by our dedicated team of Quality Assurance Experts. Only a suitably-qualified Academic in your chosen subject area will be selected to help you in the completion of your work, and we will also endeavour to meet any other preferences you might have, such as the use of British versus American English.

How can I discuss the order with my Academic, if necessary?

Communication with your Academic is possible via the messaging system available in your personal control panel. Please note that for security and privacy reasons your Academic will only use this means of communication.

How can I upload upgrade files for the Academic?

The most convenient way of sending additional files to your Academic is to upload them to the “Files” section within your personal control panel. It is also possible to send documents directly to and contact our Customer Support Representatives for additional help.

  • Upload upgrade files.
  • Keep in touch with your Academic and our support team to ensure that all work flows smoothly.
  • Simply wait until you receive confirmation from us, as soon as your order is ready for you to view.

4. Download your paper

How will I receive my order?

Your order will be available from your personal control panel and will not be delivered to your inbox directly. An email will be sent to you once the Academic has finished working on the first draft of your project.

Changes need to be made in my project

If you see that your project is not entirely up to your expectations, feel free to ask for alterations. We guarantee to edit your document up to 3 times for FREE, and you can ask for alterations both before or after approving the preview version of your project.

When you approve the text, you have 10 days to send the paper back for alterations.

More information about alteration is available on our Alteration Policy page.

Can you guarantee that my project is original?

Every single one of our orders is plagiarism-free. We use the most up-to-date plagiarism checkers during the Quality Control process to ensure that this remains true. However, in those cases when you need, or would like, official proof that your document is original, we provide you with the option of a plagiarism report. Your document will be scanned by the trustworthy WebCheck service. It will cost 10% of total order value.

Do you use TurnItIn to detect plagiarism?

We avoid using TurnItIn.com as it adds all submitted documents to a database. Thus, if double-checked by us and then you, your project will be seen as plagiarized. We use WebCheck instead. If you want to see proof that your project is original, tick the “I want to receive an official Plagiarism report” box in the order form, or add our Plagiarism Report upgrade in your control panel on the order page. It will cost 10% of total order value.

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