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Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions to find answers to the most common questions about our services.

Your order

How can I place an order?

The easiest way to place a new order at EssayPedia is to use an order form on our website. Just fill in the details there and try to include as many instructions as possible. This will help the writer understand your assignment better and avoid possible revisions after the work has been written. If you need help, contact our Support Customer Managers.

I just uploaded the information. When will you start working on my order?

Since our service is pre-paid, we will start searching for the most suitable writer right after you pay for your order. You will see a notification in your control panel that the writer has started working on it. In this case the status bar will show “Writer Assigned”.

How can I find out the total price of my order?

While information about the cost per page is available on our Prices page, you can quickly calculate the total price of your paper with our calculator found in the sidebar on the right of this page or on the Home page.

Some writing services promise to deliver quality work for just $7 or even $6 per page, but this can hardly be true for a number of reasons. First, experience shows that such papers are often plagiarized. Second, they may easily be submitted to online paper databases, so they will be regarded as non unique.

I need a certain number of words in my document. How many pages is that?

Each double-spaced page is 275 words long, and the number is twice as large for a single-spaced document – 550 words. The FREE title and reference pages will make additional 2 pages. They are included by default, and you won't have to include them while placing an order with our website.

Will you deliver my order before the deadline?

Your paper will be delivered before the deadline, and that's a promise. We can finish working on the first draft of your order as early as 3 hours. If you are satisfied with it, no additional time will be required. Please note that the countdown timer to deadline activates once the payment is made.

What types of works can I order with your service?

You can order a variety of writing assignments from us. We can complete from scratch any of the following – essays, articles, reviews, course works, term papers, dissertations, and even PowerPoint presentations. Our services also include individual, business, and web-writing. Whatever work you order, it will be completed upon your instructions. Not sure if we can do your assignment? Just ask our Customer Support Team online via chat on the website, by email support@essaypedia.com, or over the phone 1-866-509-5959.

Can you complete my assignment online?

We can complete any assignments only if they are uploaded. In case you provide us with login and password to any online system the writer will be able to view the instructions, but will only be able to upload the paper into the website. You can then submit the online assignment yourself.

Authorization and Security

Do you guarantee my confidentiality?

Your complete confidentiality is covered by our Privacy Policy. Third parties do not have access to your personal details, and we use the latter for authorization and quality improvement purposes only. For instance, you may be contacted if we suspect that your credit card has been stolen and that someone is trying to place an order using your credentials.

You're a prepaid service, can I trust you with my personal information?

Our company is interested in honest cooperation with customers, so you have every reason to trust us. Thousands of our clients have already benefited from working with us and have never had any issues regarding security. Additionally, the payment is made through a safe online processor. The information it sends to us is basic and includes your phone number, address, your name and the last four digits of your credit card.

Is it necessary to authorize my account?

We require our customers to authorize their accounts for security reasons. Authorization helps the cardholder make sure that no unauthorized use of his financial account can take place at Essaypedia.com. So far, this has been one of the most effective methods against malicious online activities.

Essaypedia.com has various types of authorization: email, phone and in some cases credit card authorization. Please note that we may refuse our services to customers who have not been authorized.

I can't seem to find my authorization code(s)

You should receive two codes – one as an email and the other one as an sms. They must be entered in the corresponding fields in your personal account at Essaypedia.com. If any additional assistance is required, you're welcome to reach our Customer Support Representatives via online chat or email.


Can I make the payment after I've seen and approved my paper?

Our service is pre-paid, and our authors will only start working on your order after the payment is received. Our Money Back Guarantee policy ensures that you will receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Is it cheating to use your service?

Using our service is not cheating, it's a way for you to learn the right way to research and write a particular type of paper. After all, our writers are seasoned professionals and know the tricks of the trade. Thanks to our professionally crafted papers custom tailored for your specific needs, you will be able not only to get academic help whenever you need it, but also to see some of the best ways to create well-structured and researched documents yourself.

Is your service plagiarism-free?

All our orders are written from scratch, which means that your paper will be free from plagiarism. Although some writing services do have a database of prewritten documents, this practice is largely seen as cheating on customers, and we neither support it nor encourage it in our company. You can notify Customer Support Representatives immediately to receive a 100% refund if you discover that your paper was prewritten.

In what way is the paper formatted?

You can have your paper formatted in any academic style of your choice – for FREE. If no instructions are given, the default option is MLA, 12pt Arial, double-spaced with 1 inch margins and 275 words on a page.

How do you ensure that papers are original?

The uniqueness of our papers is backed up by the professional plagiarism detection tool WebCheck, and students can use it safely, unlike TurnItIn.com. Learn more here.

What options are available if I'm not completely satisfied with the final product?

The Money Back Guarantee policy has all the information regarding refunds. It is also possible to revise the paper after pressing Approve, but in this case you will need to reach Customer Support Representatives to learn more about the options available. If you need minor changes in your document, you can always use any of your 3 free revisions.

Your Writer

Who will write my order?

One of our authors (all of whom are seasoned professionals in their respective field) will work on your paper. Our Quality Assurance Department has carefully considered each individual for the job to ensure the best results! If you would like your order to be written in British or American English, just let us know. However, we cannot always guarantee that writers from a particular location will be available.

I'd like to continue working with my previous author, is it possible?

It is! We have "My previous writer" option in the "Preferred writer" field of the order form for that. Just fill in the author's ID there. Please note that this option is available only for orders with a 1 day deadline and more. Also, by choosing your previous writer, you will see the total cost increases regardless of the writer's level as your paper will be delivered to you in the shortest term possible.

How can I communicate with my writer?

Use our convenient messaging system in your personal account at Essaypedia.com account if you'd like to discuss any order-related question with your writer. For reasons of security, it is against the policy of our company to ask the writer to disclose any personal information or do the same yourself.

What if I'd like to submit extra files for the author?

In this case, you must log in to your Essaypedia.com account and upload the files manually to the “Files” section. We accept most common file types up to 20 MB. If your files don't upload, contact Customer Support Representatives or send the documents directly to . including your order number in the message subject will speed things up.


I need to make sure that my paper is exceptional. Do you provide such an option?

High quality is what you get each time you place an order at Essaypedia.com. However, you can also take an extra step towards perfection with our "TOP writer" option. Once you've selected it in the "Preferred writer" section of the order form, your order price will increase automatically.

I'd like to become a VIP for the best possible customer support experience

"VIP customer service" option makes sure that any requests you may have will be answered right away. You can even track the status of your order via SMS messages with this feature. Become #1 for just $14.99! More information is available on the Prices page.

Can I get a plagiarism report as proof that my paper is original?

You can. Just select "I want to receive official Plagiarism report" while making an order. In this case, the plagiarism detection tool WebCheck will generate a report for you, which will be uploaded once you approve the final version of your document. Prices for our plagiarism report start at $9.99. View our Prices page for more.

I'd like to include an Abstract with my paper. Can you write one for me?

Despite the fact that writing an Abstract is more complex than any other type of work, our experienced professionals won't let you down! You can tick off "Add an Abstract page to my paper" in the order form. The cost is $14.99.

What discounts are available?

We value our clients, so rewarding them with discounts is the least we can do. To get a discount if you qualify for one, get in touch with our Customer Support Representatives via chat or email. Our Prices page has more information on discounts.

Are Reference and Title pages free?

Yes, they are! For instance, if you place an order for 5 pages, you receive a 7 page paper: 5 pages of the body and also the title and the reference pages.

How can I have the materials used for writing my paper?

Simply choose the "Sources Used" extra in your control panel on the order page. And we will upload a digital copy of the materials your writer used to work on your order (in .doc/.docx/.pdf format or print screens/images of the pages used).

I need a table of contents/outline for my document. Can you provide one?

Yes, we can! Just go to your control panel and select the "Table of Contents/Outline" extra to get a proper table of contents/outline for your paper. You can also contact our Customer Support Representatives to help you with it. They will gladly add this extra to your order.

Is there a way to improve my paper quality?

Yes. Specially on this occasion we have an Editor's check extra available in your control panel. If you want the paper to be additionally proofread after our writer completes it, this extra is the right choice for you. Once you add it to your order, the total price will be calculated automatically.

If you want to improve your own paper, choose editing/proofreading service in the order form. Upload the file and get a flawless version of it back by the deadline.


How will I receive my paper?

Once your order is ready, we will send you an email or/and notify you via phone. Your document will be available for download in your Essaypedia.com account, but first you will need to preview and approve the paper if it meets your expectations. You will get an editable MS Word version of your paper immediately. Don't click the Approve button if any changes are required – use one of your three free revisions instead. Your order can be sent directly to your email if you press "Send final to email" in your account.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Use the "Reset password" link that can be found on the login page. To restore access to your account, check your email for the reset password link.

What happens if you don't deliver on time?

Although it's very unlikely that we fail to deliver your document on time, things happen. If the worst comes to the worst, contact our Customer Support Representatives right away and explain the situation to them.

Our representatives will consider your case carefully and explain what must be done next. One thing to remember is that a new time frame will need to be agreed upon.

Basically, there are two reasons for late delivery. If it is the writer's responsibility, we will recalculate the paper cost and make a proper refund. However, if instructions were provided late or if some details/materials were missing, no refunds will be made, and you will have to wait a bit longer until we polish your document. For more details, see our Money Back Guarantee.


If I don't like the delivered product, can I get it changed?

Misunderstanding may happen despite the fact that we strive only for excellence. The good news is that we can easily revise the written document for you three times – for FREE. Revision requirements are simple:

  • Instructions for a revision must not be different from the initial ones;
  • New documents are not considered;
  • You have a week for a revision request in case you have clicked on the Approve button. Contact Customer Support Representatives.

For more, see our Revision Policy.

A "preview"? Why is it necessary?

By a "preview" we mean a watermarked image of your paper that must be reviewed by you. If something needs to be changed, we offer three free revisions. Be specific and mention as many details as possible in a single letter. If you would like to get an editable MS Word version of your document, just click on the Approve button: the final version of your paper will be available for a download in a matter of seconds.

How can I request a revision?

It's really simple. Just hit the "Send for revision" button, mention all your revision instructions and then specify a new time frame. Please remember that the last step matters. It is also possible to revise the paper after pressing Approve, but in this case you will need to reach Customer Support Representatives.

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