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Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions to find answers to the most common questions about our services.

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How can I place an order?

The easiest way to place a new order at EssayPedia is to use the order form on our website. Simply fill in the details requested, and try to include as much detail as possible to make sure that our Academics are able to get straight on with producing your work. This will help your Academic to avoid possible alterations after the work has been written, and ensure that the overall process runs as smoothly as is possible. If you need help with the order process, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team via the online chat portal, by email, or using the contact number at the top of this page.

I just uploaded the information. When will you start working on my order?

Since our service is pre-paid, we will start searching for the most suitable Academic right after you pay for your order. You will see a notification in your control panel once an Academic has started work. In this case, the status bar will show ‘Academic Assigned’.

How can I find out the total price of my order?

The information about the cost per page is available on our Prices page, where you can quickly calculate the total price of your project with our easy-to-use calculator.

Whilst some writing services promise to deliver quality work for just £50 per 1000 words, our experience is that a high percentage of these projects are often plagiarized, or not up to the standard required. Other issues reported by our clients when coming to us from other companies include a lack of ownership of work (i.e. work is later uploaded to the internet or the company’s website, meaning that it is no longer unique). Other companies may not offer the same protections, and paying less in the short-term could mean having to come to us to rectify poor work completed by less-qualified Academics, resulting in a higher cost overall. We recommend double-checking that other companies offer plagiarism checks and guarantees as standard, prior to completing an order.

I need a certain number of words in my document. How many pages is that?

Each double-spaced page contains roughly 275 words, and this number is obviously twice as large for a single-spaced document – 550 words. The FREE title and reference pages will make additional 2 pages. They are included by default, and you won't have to include them while placing an order with our website.

Will you deliver my order before the delivery date?

Your project will be delivered before the delivery date, and that's a promise. We can finish working on the first draft of your order as soon as 3 hours after your order is placed (provided payment is made). If you are satisfied with this draft, no additional time will be required. Please note that if you order work to be completed within a certain number of days, the countdown to your delivery date will only begin once payment is made. We recommend making a payment immediately, or if you are unable to pay right away, make sure that you choose a shorter delivery date to reflect this.

What types of work can I order with your service?

You can order a variety of writing services from us. We can complete any of the following: essays, articles, reviews, coursework, extended projects, and even PowerPoint presentations. We cater for both personal and business orders. Whatever your order relates to, ensure that you include clear requirements, to make sure that we can assign the correct Academic, and that they are able to complete the work to your specifications. Not sure if we can help? Just ask our Customer Support Team, who may be contacted online via the chat window on this website, by email at: support@essaypedia.com, or over the phone at +44-203-318-2189.

Can you complete my work via an online portal?

We can complete any assignments only if they are uploaded. In case you provide us with login and password to any online system the Academic will be able to view the requirements, but will only be able to upload the project through our website. You can then submit the online assignment yourself.

Authorization and Security

Do you guarantee my confidentiality?

Confidentiality is covered by our Privacy Policy. Third parties do not have access to your personal details, and will only ever be approached for authorization and quality improvement purposes. For instance, you may be contacted if we suspect that your credit card has been stolen and that someone is trying to place an order using your credentials. This is the same as placing an order via any online retailer.

You're a prepaid service, can I trust you with my personal information?

Our company is interested in honest cooperation with customers, and we want you to have every reason to trust us. Thousands of our clients have already benefited from working with us, and we recommend that you take some time to read our excellent reviews and testimonies if you have any doubt at all about using our services.


Can I make the payment after I've seen and approved my project?

Our service is pre-paid, and our Academics will only start working on your order after payment is received. Our Money Back Guarantee ensures that you will receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Is it cheating to use your service?

Using our service is a safe way for you to learn the right way to research and write a particular type of project. After all, our Academics are seasoned professionals and know the tricks of the trade. Thanks to our professionally crafted projects, custom tailored for your specific needs, you will learn some of the best ways to create well-structured and researched documents yourself.

Is your service plagiarism-free?

All of our orders are written from scratch, which means that your project will be free of plagiarism. Although some writing services do have a database of prewritten documents, this practice is not endorsed by our company, and Academics are held accountable for any evidence of plagiarism detected in their work. You can notify Customer Support Representatives immediately to receive a 100% refund if you discover that your project was prewritten.

How will my work be formatted?

You can have your project formatted to meet the specifications of an academic style of your choice – for FREE. If no requirements are given, the default option is Harvard, 12pt Arial, double-spaced with 1-inch margins.

How do you ensure that projects are original?

The uniqueness of our projects is ensured through the use of a professional plagiarism detection tool, WebCheck, which does not store any details of documents it checks, unlike TurnItIn.com.

What options are available if I'm not completely satisfied with the final product?

Our Money Back Guarantee policy contains all of the information you might need regarding refunds. You also have a number of options if you require alterations/amendments to your order. If your document requires only minor changes, you have three FREE alterations requests. Outside of this, you will need to speak with our Customer Support Representatives for more information.

Your Academic

Who will write my order?

One of our professional Academics (all of whom are seasoned professionals in their respective field) will work on your project. Our Quality Assurance Department not only completes thorough vetting practices to ensure that our Academics are the best of the best, but also checks each piece of work submitted with a fine-toothed comb.

How can I communicate with my Academic?

ou can do this securely and conveniently through our messaging system, which can be found within your Essaypedia.com account. Use this if you'd like to discuss any order-related question with your Academic. For security purposes, it is against the policy of our company for Academics or customers to disclose any personal information.

What if I'd like to submit upgrade files for my project?

In this case, you must log in to your Essaypedia.com account and upload the files manually to the ‘Files’ section. We accept most common file types up to 20 MB in size. If your files don't upload, contact our Customer Support Representatives, or send the documents directly to support@essaypedia.com, including your order number in the message subject.


I need to make sure that my project is exceptional. What can I do to make sure that this happens?

We offer a Premium Service for an additional 20% of your total order fee, which offers you to have a consultation with a personal Project Manager, who will take responsibility for ensuring that your order progresses as planned. Although all of our orders are completed to a high standard, this provides you with additional peace of mind.

What other upgrades can I add to my order?

We offer the following upgrades, which are each designed to make the completion of your project run as smoothly as possible:

Essay Development Plan (650 words) £80

Get an in-depth document to accompany your order, which provides specific tips and information on how to improve it even further! Whether you want to use this service to reach a higher mark, or simply to help you to edit the order to your own specifications, getting a personalised Essay Development Plan ensures you even better quality for your money!

Planning Call with Academic (up to 30 minutes) £50

Want to make sure that your chosen Academic understands your requirements? Need to explain more about the kind of conclusions or methods you would like to be drawn up for your order? Or simply wish to have an informal chat? This upgrade entitles you to up to 30 minutes worth of call time with your Academic.

Follow-up Call with Academic (up to 45minutes) £75

Wish to discuss some further changes, or to check on the status of your order? Or would you like to be completely up-to-date with what is happening with your order, from the Academic’s own perspective? This upgrade is the perfect opportunity for you to check that your order will be delivered exactly how you want it, without the need to submit alterations, which can add extra time to your wait.

Planning & Follow-up Call with Academic £115

Get both of the above services with a £10 discount for buying them together! This is the perfect opportunity for you to communicate one-on-one with your Academic, ensuring there are no miscommunications, and allowing for the whole process to flow even more smoothly!

Premium Service 20% of total order price (Including a consultation with a Personal Account Manager)

For 20% of your total order price, you can upgrade to Premium Service, which also affords you a personalised consultation with a Personal Account Manage and includes SMS notifications, additional references and plagiarism report. Get VIP treatment, make sure that our team is working extra hard to make the entire order process run smoothly, and get some extra time to go through your specifications with your Personal Account Manager, who will be personally responsible for overseeing the progress of your order. This really is a great service, especially if you are unsure about placing your first order with us! Upgrade to Premium Service now for added peace of mind.

Plagiarism Report- 10% of total order value

Although we guarantee that plagiarism will never be an issue with any orders we complete, getting an official plagiarism report safely officiates this, and can be used alongside your order as proof that it is not plagiarised. Order your plagiarism report now, for it to be delivered alongside your completed order!

Payment in Two Instalments - 10% of total order value

Need to spread the cost of your order? Would it be more convenient to pay in two instalments? Arrange this with us now for just 10% of your order value!

Extended Alterations Period: 20 Days - 8% of total order value

Need more time to make sure that your Academic has time to work on any additional information provided by your tutor or supervisor? Want to wait for feedback before finalising your order? Use this upgrade to get 20 whole days to come back to us with alterations!

Extended Alterations Period: 50 Days - 10% of total order value

Need a bit longer to make sure that your order is up to scratch? Get 50 days to submit any required changes to us, and to add any additional feedback received from a tutor or supervisor.

Extended Alterations Period: Unlimited Alterations - 15% of total order value

Need to wait for feedback on your order from a supervisor or tutor? Want to make sure that you have enough time to forward this on to your Academic to make the required changes? Upgrading to an Unlimited Alteration Period provides you with the flexibility to add to or edit your order at any time!

Can I get a plagiarism report as proof that my project is original?

You can. Just choose Plagiarism Report Extra when submitting your order. Once this option is selected for your order, the plagiarism detection tool ‘WebCheck’ will generate a report for you, which will be uploaded once you approve the final version of your document. Plagiarism reports are available at a cost of 10% of the total order value. View our ‘Prices’ page for more information.

What discounts are available?

We value our clients, so rewarding them with discounts is the least we can do. To get a discount if you qualify for one, get in touch with our Customer Support Representatives via chat or email. Our Discount Policy page has more information on discounts.

Are Reference and Title pages free?

Yes, they are! For instance, if you place an order for 1000 words, you will receive a 6-page project: 4 pages containing the body of your work in line with your specifications, and 2 FREE pages containing the Title and the References sections.


How will I receive my project?

Once your order is ready, we will send you an email or/and notify you via phone. Your document will be available for download in your Essaypedia.com account, but first you will need to preview and approve the project, if it meets your expectations, or request one of your three FREE alterations if you need anything changing. Once approved, you will receive an editable MS Word version of your project immediately. Your order can be sent directly to your registered email address if you select the ‘Send final to email’ option.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Use the ‘Reset password’ link that can be found on the login page. To restore access to your account, check your email for the reset password link.

What happens if you don't deliver on time?

Although it's very unlikely that we fail to deliver your document on time, things happen. If this should happen, contact our Customer Support Representatives right away and explain the situation to them.

Our representatives will consider your case carefully and agree upon what must be done next.

Usually, there are two reasons for late delivery. If it is the Academic's responsibility, we will recalculate the project cost and refund part or all of the cost of your work. However, if requirements were provided late, or if some details/materials were missing, no refunds will be made, and you will have to wait a bit longer for your document to be completed. For more details, see our Money Back Guarantee.


If I don't like the delivered product, can I get it changed?

Misunderstandings happen, despite our best efforts. The good news is that we can easily revise the written document for you three times – for FREE. Alterations requirements are simple:

  • The requirements for alterations must not alter the initial brief requirements (i.e. changing the research question/aims);
  • New documents are not considered;
  • You have a week to submit an alterations request, even if you initially clicked ‘Approve’. Contact our Customer Support Representatives if this is the case.

For more, see our Alterations Policy.

How can I request alterations?

It's really simple. Just hit the ‘Send for Alterations’ button, mention all your alterations requirements and then specify a new time frame. Please remember that the last step matters. It is also possible to revise the project after pressing Approve, but in this case, you will need to speak with our Customer Support Representatives.

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